September 3, 2008

Wow, it has been a while since I posted anything here.  We’ve been really busy lately, and I just finished the introduction before crashing in bed last night.

I’m pretty happy with it, each branch gives a hint at how those Empires will work.

The Elar branch is fairly friendly, leading you through each step with the trainer always seeming to know as soon as you do something (Elar have a slight precognition).

The Bileath branch, by far my favourite, is all about the money.  They force all new members to be valued, just as the Delinoth (race that founded the Bileath) culture dictates.  Players will be given a large sum of money at the start, and MUST pay for each lesson they complete.  Upon completion of each lesson they will be rewarded with a payment towards their new “life debt” but almost never more than what they paid for the lesson.  In the end they are left with the same small amount of money the other branches have, and no life debt.

The Trekat branch is very arrogant, as the Gemadak believe everyone else is inferior, as the players progress they are treated better until finally considered a member of the Empire.


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