Update on wireless on the Asus EEE 901 for Ubuntu

July 6, 2008

An update, I got it working!  Here’s what you need to do after installing the drivers per my last post:

1) In network-manager get it to connect to anything, if nothing shows up just put any for ESSID and mode DHCP then use ‘sudo dhclient’ and it should connect up for you.

2) Once connected run the magic command… ‘sudo iwconfig <interface, mine is ra0> key open’

3) Boom, you should have a connection.  A note, for some reason firefox keeps starting in offline mode when on wireles(at least for me), if yours does that just goto File and uncheck Work Offline.


One Response to “Update on wireless on the Asus EEE 901 for Ubuntu”

  1. Firefox uses NetworkManager to determine if the PC is offline (at least in Ubuntu). If it reports no active connection, then Firefox will start in offline mode. If you bypass NetworkManager and configure your connection manually, it’s better to uninstall NetworkManager completely: Firefox will then start in online mode again.

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