Another Day, Another Headache

June 29, 2008

I hate mornings, a lot… always have headaches in the morning, need to find some way to drink coffee while sleeping. *nod me*

Anyway, today I’m working on the Mutations skill, a primary skill for another subtype of mutants.  It’s a pretty neat skill, got the basic idea from Yrael’s post on our Skills and Abilities idea section of the forums.  Here’s the basics of it:

  • The main ability, DNA Manipulation has up to 15 ranks.  Each rank increases how many of the other abilities you can have active at any one time.
  • Each ability changes your body in some way such as producing claws or wings, venom sacs, etc.
  • Those abilities each have a cost to activate, between 1 and 3 (for the most part), that corresponds to your rank in DNA Manipulation.  In other words if I have DNA Manipulation at rank 5 I can activate one that costs 3 and one that costs 2, or maybe one that costs 3 and two that cost 1.
  • Most abilities either give you a basic attack, something defensive, or aide in the basic attacks (like venom sacs give claws a chance to do afflictions)

One of the secondary skills will be a form of Martial Arts, which will be able to take advantage of the powers you gain in the primary skill.  For example if you have claws then your martial arts punches attacks will be more damaging, where if you have the bones in your arm thickened(into a club) then forearm strike or elbow strike may be more effective.

So far I just have the outline for it, and some notes, but hope to make some good progress on it today.

Aerkin is still working on the Elementalists last skill, looks like he’s gotten pretty far into it, so hopefully it will be finished off soon.  Unkeml is still working on space, the never ending project… need to poke him and see where things are right now.


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